EnterpriseNG Bundle

Get on-demand access to some of the industry's top experts who will walk you through everything you need to know for mastering not just Angular as a framework, but Angular in the enterprise.

Included in the bundle are 8 in-depth workshops from EnterpirseNG + 2 bonus courses from Thinkster.io, where mastery is accelerated by data-proven learning techniques baked into every video, lesson, & exercise.

What You Get:

Over 80 hours of practical learning & mastery:

  • Fundamentals of Angular Course | Joe Eames
  • Angular for Architects: Data Patterns | Dan Wahlin & John Papa
  • Angular for Architects: Component & Routing Patterns | Dan Wahlin & John Papa
  • Learn NgRx with the Creators of NgRx | Mike Ryan & Brandon Roberts
  • Develop at Scale with Nx Monorepos | Isaac Mann, Rares Matei, & Jeff Cross
  • Advanced RxJS | Brian Love
  • Unit Testing in Angular Like a Boss | Joe Eames
  • Reactive Angular | Aaron Frost
  • Advanced Application Architecture with Micro Frontends | Owen MechamReactive Forms in Angular Course | Rosie Highsmith
  • Build for Accessibility with Angular | Martine Dowden & Michael Dowden

8 Workshops + 2 Full Courses